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This package offers the end user up to the amount of savings you select.


  • Serialized 4-color credit card quality membership card.

Product Description

For the first time, one travel incentive has something for everyone. Why lose a prospect who doesn’t like your cruise offer but would have been incented by a holiday in Hawaii, or another who isn’t interested in a land vacation but would love to receive a cruise offer. Our Lifestyle reward allows for all tastes in travel with the offer to apply their choices of travel up to the certificate value, be it one trip or many.

Why our programs are different than other travel incentives on the market.

  • Our Lifestyle Membership Reward certificates provide all Travel venues in one single certificate, allowing your customers to choose what they want.
  • Your customers pay only a minimum processing fee and applicable taxes – there are no further costs or requirements such as the sales presentations required by other travel incentives.
  • Throughout our 13 years we have had only positive feedback from our clients and their customers/members – please review our testimonials. Minor concerns or misunderstandings are quickly and professionally resolved by our customer service team.

Yes, our programs are customizable.

Customized printing of your organization is available at no charge for orders of 5,000 or more. For orders of 2000 to 5000 a surcharge will be apply.


The consumer redeems their certificates on our redemption website using the serialized code printed on each certificate. Based on the code entered, our website will serve up the various travel choices available. There is a small processing and delivery fee on each item. The certificate is valid for 12-months from the date of issue. Each certificate has a full explanation on how to access the website along with redemption instructions.

Redemption Choices – dependant on value chosen


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